Arakawa River Clean Up (Funabori) July 5, 2020

Arakawa River Clean Up  (Funabori) July 5, 2020

Arakawa River Clean Up today at Funabori. Eight ecowarriors (seven in the photo and Pradi, who came in the morning didn’t make the photo) braved the rain to collect 92 bags of trash. This was the first time back with the support of Arakawa Clean Aid, so we were using their bags, which require a smaller bag (20L) for cans, so it was a little easier for the bag count to climb.The other bags are 45L.The area we cleaned was in front of the “boat racing” track, and they were racing today with about 30-40 people having come up out to watch the races. This is one reason why this areas is rather dirty. Wherever there are people there is trash. In the morning we worked on the infamous dirty triangle, and there were some nice before and after photos with the tide really coming in high in the evening. This dirty angle area is infamous for being the dirtiest area of the Arakawa River. Just after a bend in the river, the tetropods appear with trash being somehow funneled by the current into this area where it gets trapped. We continued to collect until dark, so about 5-6 bags did not make the final photos. We did not get everything but be got a lot.We only collected cans and pet bottles from the dotted line area.