EdogaawaRiver Clean Up (Myoden) July 18, 2020

EdogaawaRiver Clean Up  (Myoden) July 18, 2020

Edogaawa River Clean Up today near Myoden. Seven ecowarriors turned out and collected 52 bags of trash (30 burnable, 3 cans, 1 glass, 1 broken glass/batteries, 5 nonburnable, and roughly equivalent to 12 bags on the large unbagged items. Week-long heavy rains (currently the rainy season in Japan) let up just as we started at 1:30pm. This spot was right at the mouth of the river with Tokyo Bay (the Pacific Ocean) in the background. The last photo is of the resident homeless guy under the bridge who marks his territory by dragging all sorts of trash from the trash cans of area stores and restaurants out to the site. He just discards it freely with the authorities failing to address this very serious littering crime.